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A New RTS From Blackbird Interactive


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Report this Nov. 10 2013, 2:13 pm

I don't know if anyone has ever played any of the Homeworld Games but they are considered the first RTS games that spawned modern day games such as EvE-Online.

There hasn't been a Homeworld release in ten years but the crew has finally gotten their acts together and come back with Homeworld:Shipbreakers. HW:SB is set in an environment prior to Homeworld where you are set into the environment looking for the great ships that have been buried under the sands of time for thousands of years.

Just at looking at some of the videos the game is very promising in this day and age because of the graphics just like the original Homeworld was very promising in its day an age because of the graphics.

So lets take a step back in time to the era that precedes the original Homeworld to discover how we actually came to be at the Eye of Aarran through which we have yet to travel through.

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