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standard starship speed


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Report this Nov. 10 2013, 2:02 am

Earlier, I had suggested developing established calculations to use in emergency situations, such as using gravity-wells to slow down a starship whose engine was out of control.

Thinking about that, I suggest that Starfleet/Federation's bureau for Standards develops a "Standard Starship Speed (S3)" that can be used quickly.  A starship of a given, known (empty) weight could be loaded with a known mass of cargo (say, 1 metric ton) and known weight of crew.  Then, that ship would move a specific impulse speed over a certain distance (say 100,000 km), and its time would be recorded.  This speed would then be called the "Standard Starship Speed (S3)," used to compare all Starfleet/Federation vessels.  Standards could then develop a list of calculations, based upon this.

Each vessel could then make a similar transit at the same impulse speed, to determine how it compares with the established S3.  For example, if a fast ship travels the distance in only one-third the time, its speed would be "3.0 S3."  If another ship took twice the S3, its rating would be "0.5 S3," meaning it was only one-half as fast as S3.

These ratios could then easily be plugged into the Starfleet/Federation list of equations and standard calculations, to help a ship navigate through space.  These calculations could be programmed into each ship's computers, for use whenever needed--especially in an emergency.

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