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Jeri Ryan and the American Cancer Society


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Everyone knows that Jeri Ryan is a FIRM supporter of the ACS. In her recent commercial she was asking for $10.00 for passerby to support the ACS.

If Jeri is sincere about the American Cancer Societies goals then I suggest Jeri go on a nation wide tour of Exotic DaNCE Clubs showing off her moves to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

Jeri wants ten dollars.....Quark says that she needs to provide a reason other than talking in order for her to be given $10.00.

Ferengi's know their business whether it be salvage or show business they know how to turn a bar of gold pressed latinum.


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didn't you just start a thread about how great it would be to finally have a female president?  Now you think women should be stripping to raise money


oi.  The irony

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