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Gamma Quadrant device shown on TNG

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 I would have liked if they went into more depth on the storyline from the TNG episode, "Birthright, Part I"  where Dr. Bashir was running diagnostics in the Enterprise's sickbay on a device was discovered in the Gamma Quadrant, that he believes it to be some sort of medical imaging scanner. It would have been interesting, with Data's help, if they went into the Gamma Quadrant to find out the origins of this device and what its purpose was. Was it used by the Jem'Hadar? Was it planted by the Founders to use to lure the Federation and study them? Was there ever a follow-up done or an in-depth story done on the Gamma Quadrant device in DS-9 episodes or in novelization? Thanks.


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I could be wrong, but to the best of my knowledge, nobody has (so far) revisited the origins or function of that particular device -- even though they did revisit the notion of Data dreaming and briefly mentioned (really, in passing) the encounter between Data & Bashir in the relaunch novel Avatar part 2.

Nothing about the device on Memory Beta

There may be a fanfic out there that I don't know about...

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