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Could Voyager have used a tachyon pulse to access the Borg transwarp conduit to get back to the Alpha Quadrant?

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Could Voyager have used a tachyon pulse to access the Borg transwarp conduit to get back to the Alpha Quadrant? Having watched the TNG episodes "Descent, Parts I and II", I noticed that the Enterprise-D used a tachyon pulse to follow the rogue Borg ship into the Borg transwarp conduit 65 light years into the Delta Quadrant. They used the same method to get back into Federation Space. Now, fast foward to Voyager getting stranded in the Delta Quadrant 70,000 light years from Fed Space. Wouldn't it be possible that the method Geordi devised to get the Enterprise to and from the Delta Quadrant, be in Starfleet and Federation databases? If this method had been available to them, wouldn't it have worked for them? And if it did, they would have been home alot sooner. But, then no premise for having the Voyager series. Also, they would have been detected by the Collective if they did make it to the Borg transwarp conduit. They wouldn't have had the shielding they had when they encounted Seven. Maybe not even make it back home at all or get that far at all. What are your thoughts and opinions on this?


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its not that easy.

1st, not all transwarp conduits travel to the same destinations.Some are directed at the alpha quadrent, others are aimed at other ponts in space.

also, one needs to know where to find a tw conduit to open it.In the TNG episode, laForge knew where to point his tachyon beam so he could open the conduit.

think of a transwarp conduit system as a hidden mass transit train network.To get in you need to know where thees a subway station, and you wont know what direction your going in untill your inside.








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Ya, I was thinking of the same question. Thanks


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If the Borg were going there, Voyager might be able to follow it.  But, the crew would have to be ready--almost anticipating that, which would be rather unlikely.

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