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The cartoon died decades ago, why carry on?


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And so did TOS, TNG, etc.  I'm not sure what your point is.


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I think Futurama does a good job at cartoon Trek - they even re-did one of the original Tv scripts - true to the original & funny


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I consider the Star Trek animated-series to be part of the original five-year mission because it added 2 more seasons to the 3 from TOS.


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I too have thought that! TAS has two short seasons, but still two seasons nonetheless, and it IS TOS but in cartoon form. It is like a 4th and 5th season to TOS.

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I prefer the animated series to the original series.

Also, cbs, the CAPTCHA is obnoxious. Since it's not stopping the bots anyway, why not relieve us of the tedium.

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