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The Duality Of Time Travel Theory


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I was thinking about Obama being president along with Time Travel and I came across an interesting paradox.

Obama is the first black/African-American President that the U.S. has ever had in the Oval Office which has always been occupied by white males.

The same type of history occured prior to WWII where only white males were allowed to do certain jobs and hold certain positions. But in 2013 the oppurtunity for any American to become president is nearly 100%.

During World War II only white males were allowed to serve in billets above cook. But slowly as the war progressed non-white males began to see more and more action and achieve more and more prestige with non-whites being put in charge of highly sensitive operations.

Just like back then during WWII non-white males had to prove theirselves over and over again and still did not achieve prestige even though their actions were just as heroic or even more heroic than the white males. Eventually the non-whites were excepted as equals with their losses and victories being just as monumentous as the whites.

Just like back then President Obama is breaking stereotypes once more where he fought up hill to become President of the United States just like the Tuskegee Airmen fought for their prestige back then.

The same holds true for women as well that have always been treated as lessers by men. But when Hillary Clinton runs for the presidency and wins she will open another gate to the past where women had to fill the roles of men who were off fighting in war and just like the non-whites also won their prestige.

I hope you understand this Duality Time Travel Theory as it would semi-prove that Time Travel is possible.


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I hope HRC wins.

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Oh, give me a break. Yes, some people used to be more lucky that others based on their race. But this affirmative action thing has gone too far. How about we vote for someone who will DO WELL as President, not because you feel bad for their ancestors who couldn't become president.


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Basically the theory is suggesting that since the events of WWII occured close to seventy years ago where non-whites won their prestige on the field of combat the future has merged with the past where the non-whites of today are winning the same prestige in the political office. Two different time lines seperate from another another merging along the same time line path to create a sphere of influence that will radically change the future of the planet as more and more countries see America as a more Democratic country instead of following the same old time line of white haired old men dominating politics like they did in the military.

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