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Diamond Planets Likely Dry and Inhospitable for Alien Life


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Report this Oct. 30 2013, 1:10 pm

The article was a very interesting read what caught my attention were these few lines.

Though carbon is the main building block of life on Earth, it is relatively scarce in our solar system. Our sun is actually a quite carbon-poor star, and our home planet is comprised mostly of silicates, scientists said.


What this might mean for humanity is that we actually come from another part of the galaxy where a White Dwarf rich in carbon and oxygen exploded. When the White Dwarf exploded it could have sent carbon and oxygen atoms into an asteroid field close by where the asteroids were then saturated with the carbon and oxygen. The explosion would then have hurled the asteroids across the galaxy in all directions where they would have come into contact with Earth during its Primordial days adding carbon and oxygen to the mix that created life on Earth.

If this theory to be proven even at a 50/50 probability then it would feasible to say that any planets within the explosive range of the same White Dwarf might also have life on it as well. The only problem is locating a point in space where a White Dwarf has exploded where asteroids are nearby that would be relatively close to Earth.

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