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overlooked classic vampire film?


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While reading a great vampire book for Halloween--Charlie Huston's Already Dead (New York:  Ballantine Books, 2005)--I came across mention of a film by George A. Romero that I had never heard of before!  (I thought I had either seen, or at least heard of, practically every horror film made in the 20th century!)

George A. Romero wrote and directed a vampire movie called Martin, in 1978.  To me, the surprising thing is that the hero of the story comes from Indianapolis, where I live now!  It received a 96 percent approval rating on one review site, but I had never heard of it until I read about it in Huston's novel.

And, today, a zombie film shown on the Syfy Channel said that one of the victims of the bad guys was from Evansville, Indiana (Avery Brooks' hometown, I think).  You don't usually hear about Indiana much, and yet here are two tales that mention it prominently.  Strange, heh? 

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Spookier than spooky but then again most art connected to George Romero (not forgetting the A) has a life of their own.


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miklamar;  You should check out just about any "Hammer" produced flim.  Some were very cheesy, but many were pretty darned good;  Countess Dracula and Vampire Cirucus are well doneVamipre films.   They sound cheesy, but trust me, they are damned good Vampire films.

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