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a dilemma (in the story, that is)


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Report this Oct. 25 2013, 5:05 pm

I just wrote, on another post, about the Syfy Channel's films, and another thought came to mind.

What would be the worst way for a character (especially one you liked) to die, in a film?  I saw one movie today, on the SC, in which one of the people was being eaten alive!  It's just a story, I know, but that was a demise that really tends to stick in your mind!

Another person saw it and may not have been able to help that unfortunate victim, but it makes you wonder:  What would I do in that kind of a situation?  If you're the victim, you may not have too many options available to you.  And, if you are a witness to that gory event, what would you do?  Would you kill that character, to put him or her out of his misery, or what?  (In the film, no medicine or anything--not even a weapon other than, perhaps, a rock--was available there to assuage the pain.)

That just kind of stuck in my mind, so I thought some of you might have some comments.

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