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too much of the same thing, at the same time


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This is a silly topic, I'm sure, but what do you think about the way some cable channels put on marathons about the same subject matter?  I'm thinking of the Syfy Channel, in particular.

I love that channel and the great movies and series it broadcasts!  But, sometimes--if I may be so bold--it gets a little repetitive (if not downright boring) to see six Shark-Attack movies in a row, or six Asteroid-Impact movies in a row, and so forth.

While the concept is good--the History Channel's Ancient Alien episodes, back to back, are awesome!--I think it might be more interesting on the SC, for example, to mix a bunch of different types of science fiction/disaster movies for your weekend or special days.  After the first 2 or 3 movies of the same topic, they start seeming a little predictable.  You'd probably keep an audience's attention better, if you showed them a variety of films.

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Yea... I love doing marathons for shows - let's me really get into it.  That's one of the reasons I buy DVDs for some shows.

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