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tallest klingon


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Report this Oct. 25 2013, 4:29 pm

There was a trivia question about a certain Laker Hall-of-Famer who played the tallest known Klingon.  He was one of my favorite athletes, and he was really cool in that episode.

I was just curious as to why he didn't get to speak any lines or have a larger role in that episode.

Speaking of Klingons and Shaquille O'Neal, wouldn't he be a great person to succeed Chancellor Martok, when his rule eventually comes to an end?  I am a huge fan of Martok, but--like so many talented leaders in Star Trek--his time in office as head of the Empire may be drawing to a close.


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James Worthy played the Klingon and I think it was in "Gambit"...  I thought he was given a few lines which he did speak himself...  


I can't say why he wasn't given a larger part, except to say that that two part episode was packed full of all sorts of other action - so forcing in a Klingon action scene for Worthy may not have added to the episode.

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