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Star Trek: Into Darkness TV SERIES SPIN OFF


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I know, I know, “not another one”, but I sincerely hope you all will read this with an open mind. This is a very rough draft of concepts and there may be some errors in grammar and spelling that I apologize for.


First let me say that I was a skeptic of the reboot and still am in some ways but my fervent Star Trek fandom has led me to a concept that I think makes it all right in the Multiverse again.


Star Trek: Path of Khan


The basic premise:

After a council of Federation Judges decides that Khan and his followers are too dangerous to release from stasis they are sentenced to exile, in stasis, on a remote quarantine planetoid that has a small monitoring station in orbit to ensure the pods remain untouched. While enroute aboard a Star Fleet medical transport, the Klingons hatch a plan to retrieve Khan to put him on trial for the embarrassment they suffered at his hands on Qo'noS, as well as acts of terrorism against the empire.  During the battle, which goes badly for the crew of the medical transport ship that has limited weaponry, the stasis pods are activated and Khan and his people are freed. At this point it is revealed that the Khan played by Benedict Cumberbatch is an imposter, merely one of the real Khan’s followers that posed as Khan in Into Darkness. We get into the repercussions of that later on.

            Khan quickly takes the ship and they manage to flee the battle and take refuge from the pursuing Klingon ships and make repairs. The real Khan works with Cumberbatch Khan (who we will refer to Fake-Khan or FK for the sake of brevity) to implement specific upgrades to weapons and engines, technological secrets Fake-Khan (FK) gained when working with Admiral Marcus. They manage to destroy one Klingon ship and then engage their engines to travel at high warp speed and find themselves far away from the Klingons on the extremely damaged Medical ship.

            As they limp along they encounter a remote Betazoid outpost and take it as their base of operations while they assess their situation and regain their bearings. The small crew of the outpost is kept as information and labor slaves. The Betazoids are unable to read any of Khan’s men’s minds because of their augmentations. At this point is where FK and Khan have their hashing out of what happened with the Klingons and Khan, in his fury, murders Cumberbatch Khan, thus eliminating him from the equation.

            We have Khan, his followers and a Star Fleet medical transport that is heavily damaged and will never go beyond warp speed without a major overhaul stranded on the edge of the Bajoran sector approximately 50+ years BEFORE the Cardassian occupation. Shortly after coming to the outpost, not to far from them, the Bajoran wormhole opens up and an orb rockets out of it (at an incredible speed) on a direct course to it.  Khan’s crew brings it aboard the station and Khan examines the box and opens it.

            Khan is treated to an “Orb Experience” (as seen in Deep Space Nine), a vision of the future where he and his people sit at the head of a mighty Bajoran Empire. There would be a series of flashes of this, vague in scope but would show augmented Bajorans, the wormhole but with a different tint (a much much lighter shade of color to it), Delta Quadrant aliens (Kazon, Vadians before the Phage, Telaxians, Borg and Hirogen), as well as a fleet of powerful warships with Khans crest on them.


Some things that would happen in this series are:


Khan appears on Bajor and tells them he is their long awaited Emissary of the Prophets, sent to guide them into a golden age. He is able to manipulate the Bajoran people through his intellect and the use of the Betazoid prisoners that can read the minds of the Bajorans. His crew are able to find the mouth of the wormhole and upon experimenting on it, cause it damage and it opens, not to the Gamma Quadrant as it does in DS9, but, to the Delta Quadrant.

            The Borg coming to Bajor are not an issue as traversing the wormhole would damage them just like traveling into a Nebula would (as shown in TNG and Voyager, although how the Borg had a Hub in a yellow nebula is still a mystery to me).

The Crystalline Entity comes across the wormhole and enters it, wreaking havoc upon the Delta Quadrant instead of the Alpha Quadrant. This changes the life course of the colony where Doctor Noonien Soong builds B4, Lure and of course Data. This will come into play a century later when they reboot the next generation era of the franchise. I for one would like to see an entire race of Data(s), but that is beyond the scope of this series. Removing the Crystalline Entity just seems like a fun way to shake things up and reference what came before.


By removing Khan and his followers to the remote Bajoran sector it allows the Enterprise crew to have their adventures unfettered by them while also building up the different regions simultaneously without any interaction whatsoever. By the time the TV series has run its course, and a few more movies are made, we have a fairly well defined (and changed) landscape. The Bajoran Empire is a major power in the Next Generation reboot universe (when the time comes to go there).  The possibilities are endless for this series and it goes where no series has gone before in terms of having a leading cast/crew that is NOT bound by Federation rules and regulations. Khan and his followers leading the Bajorans into a golden age of strength and scientific awareness, laying down some heavy smack-down on the neighboring Cardassians and other races in the sector also is a wonderful irony.


One last idea for the series would involve a two or three episode arc with Captain Benjamin Sisko (Avery Brooks). I know he is not a very favored character, but when Deep Space Nine left him in the wormhole preparing for his greatest task or whatever, it really bugged me. So I think either a wormhole/orb related accident of some type OR divine intervention by the Prophets/Wormhole aliens could bring him into this universes timeframe and provide an interesting adversary to Khan. With Sisko’s extensive knowledge of future tech, Bajor’s history and his divine connection to the prophets he could really shake things up. Of course, Khan would win in the end, but there would be transference of information by Sisko via some source, perhaps the Betazoids, that would only strengthen Khan’s grip on Bajor.


I know the powers that be probably will laugh at this concept. I know that it treads heavily on the failed Deep Space Nine series to some extent too, but I really do think that there is a wealth of unused potential to explore by combining these elements together. My biggest complaint about the reboot series is that it has a lack of authenticity to it. Everything is different, so much so that it is unrecognizable. My concept works to address that disconnect and bridge all of what came before to this new and obviously permanent universe. 


Realistically, it is impossible to expect that there will ever be a movie set in the Next Generation Universe with any of that cast mixed with DS9 and Voyager as I have dreamed about since Voyager ended. This is my proposed second best thing to that. It allows for events to unfold that can make it plausible that most of those characters no longer even exist. I wish that these idea fall in the path of an open minded individual or group that has the power to help me make this a reality, until then I can only dream and go on with my own unique stories/writings.



Live long and prosper! 

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