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How Spock Would Solve The Problems Of Today's World


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Here's some fan fiction I thought fascinating. I realize to many Trekkies that attempting to write something as Spock might be seen as desecrating sacred ground, but of the things I love about sci fi is looking at what is through the eyes of what might be.

Here's a link to the piece on an awesome site called


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Report this Nov. 11 2013, 2:48 pm

interesting but a bit redundant - the cures that "Spock" advocates have been thought about & implemented in a few societies before in human history. Mini- & micro-societies in countries such as Israel, China & the US are currently doing so - with differing levels of success. 99.99% of humans are simply not intelligent enough yet to understand the basics - maybe in another 30,000yrs.

Indeed it will take a massive problem to cause Humanity to grow up - something like the imminent destruction of our world (ie by meteor etc) forcing us to work together & realize that it takes real resources (metal, plastic, design ability, food, labour, ....) to achieve something. Cost can only really be measured in value of utility of the materials in any project vs their use in something else, pollution of the enviroment from their mining/use etc, benefit to society etc. Money is an abstract.

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