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Who's the nutjob that's smuggling B-Disney characters aboard Federation spacecraft?


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Report this Oct. 22 2013, 12:45 am

For a while I've been fiddling with a not-quite-conventional novel involving a species or two of Terran rodents capable of conversing with humans (hence the patronage of Messrs. Chip and Dale).  As part of the novel's development, I had been toying about with giving the novel's rodents something of a linguistic history parallel to that of our species.  Since some of this proposed history has counterparts to Dr. Okrand's development of Klingon, I thought maybe he (or at least one of his more adept students) could offer a little coaching.  Unfortunately, I've been having problems contacting him or anyone else associated with him, and probably he has too much on his plate already to accommodate one more prank caller; thus I thought accessing a somewhat more general forum might be a more fruitful use of my time and energies.  I can be reached via ‹ › if you have any questions or recommendations.


Thank you for your time.

Live long and prosper.

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