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A Theory Relating to the Light Photon


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Report this Oct. 21 2013, 1:49 pm

If the gravity of a sun and a black hole are the defining factors that create the velocity of light speed because a photon is created from within a sun and a black hole is the inverse process of a sun then it can be assumed that the limiting factor of a photon traveling faster than the speed of light is not only governed by a black hole and a sun but also the center of a the Universe as well.

We know that the Big Bang created our Universe and that suns were present billions of years before the first black hole emerged from a collapsed sun. During this time the expanse of the Big Bang could have been expanding at faster than light speed velocities for the simple fact that a sun creates a light photon which is then limited to the speed of fast as light by a black hole which has a much greater gravitational effect than a sun does. Since gravity would not have been present during the initial Big Bang matter would have left the central source of the Big Bang at a faster than light speed velocity because there would have only been the great explosion thrusting matter out into space. Once the ejecta settled and formed suns and the center of the Universe settled down into either a massive star or blackhole the effects of the Center of the Universe then began to pull back on all matter that reduced the forward velocity of the expansion to a velocity less than that of the speed of infinity. We have to remember that prior to the Big Bang gravity that we know about which is generated by the Center of the Universe, Black Holes and Suns would not have been present. The only form of force of opposition would had to have come in the form of the Higgs Bosons that are able to spontaneously convert into pairs of other subatomic particles. These pairs exist only for a very short time, but their existence will alter the mass of the Higgs boson.

What this could mean is that as the Higg-Bosons Twigs are moving through space at faster than light speed velocities because there would not be any gravity present the Higgs-Boson would be creating various subatomic particles on an imaginable scale where the constant change from one subatomic particle to the next would possibly generate small fields of gravitational force but not enough to limit the light photon to the speed of light as the Big Bang occured.

The reasoning behind this logic is that the Big Bang created the process of suns being created where photons first occured and traveled faster than the speed of light because the gravitational forces of the Higg-Boson would not have been great enough to to slow the velocity of the light photon to the speed of light for the simple matter of fact that because the the Higgs-Boson is constantly changing it subatomic particle configuration the gravitational field variances would have been fluctuating enough to allow the expanse of the Universe to be exceed the speed of light and approaching the infinite velocity of space itself.

Once the Universe settled into a relative calm state where suns had been born and died resulting in black holes is when the speed of light could have been defined as the immense gravitational pull of the blackhole would be the absolute opposite force compared to the sun. Suns could have created light photons that exceeded the speed of light that when the first black holes emerged changed the subatomic configuration of the light photon into a slower form of light photon much the same way that a Higgs-Boson can spontaneously convert into other particles.

What is rather interesting is that there are three known processes that determine the fate of a light photon. The first being the Big Bang or the Center of a Universe the second being suns that are created from the Big Bang that emit photons and Blackholes that are the only known force in the Universe that is able to effect a light photon and is also the only know celestial body that can pull light photons into its center. This means that a black hole has the ability to effect a light photon traveling at the speed of light but would only be able to do so AFTER a Big Bang occured where suns formed and then died over billions of years and formed blackholes.

See the gap in the history of the Universe where black holes were not present until after the first suns were formed where matter would have been accelerating faster than the speed of light?

So how does this theory apply to warp drive? If it were possible to inhibit the gravitational effects of a black hole in a certain region of space then based upon the characteristics discussed above a starship could travel at the speed of light and possibly faster because the limiting factor of the gravitational force of a black hole would not be present to affect the faster than light speed velocity of the starship much like the black hole effects the overall velocity of the light photon to reduce the light photon to the speed of light.

Its also interesting to think about the fact that the speed of a light photon was not created until after the first black hole emerged.





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Here is one way to think about the process of how the Higgs-Boson functions and may possibly create micro bursts of gravity that would have been present prior to the Big Bang.

If you are under age get help from an adult before attempting this experiment...this means you especially Miklamar.

Heat the water up on the stove until it begins to boil ever so slightly. When you see the first bubbles starting to perturb the surface of the water this could be the primary interaction between the Higgs-Boson before they begin their transformation into other subatomic particles.

The hotter you make the water the more eradict in size the bubbles will become where each bubble would represent a Higgs-Boson interacting with other Higgs-Bosons to create new subatomic particles each releasing a small amount of gravity with each burst where the gravity that is released then effects the other Higgs-Bosons around it causing other transformations to occur.

If you were to take footage of this effect and slowed it down to .0001 fram per second you would see each bubble slowly come into being and then burst as the oxygen inside forces the water molecules apart. You would also be able to draw perfect spheres with bubble that you see.


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Report this Oct. 24 2013, 3:33 pm - Creating a propulsion system from the Higgs-Boson

 It is also very unstable, decaying into other particles almost immediately.

If the Higgs-Boson decays into other particles almost imediately then an unlimited fuel supply could be generated by a starship for propulsion.

One LHC type system would create the Higgs-Bosons where the particles that are created from the natural decay process of the Higgs-Boson would be controlled to create specific particles necessary for propulsion. Since the Higgs-Boson decays into other types of particles then it should be possible to make the Higgs-Boson decay into a specific type of particle by possibly zapping the Higgs-Boson with various types of EM fields. The process would be similar to how electrodes are stuck into the human brain and an electrical current sent to the specific part of the brain to generate the exact muscle response desired without any outside force being applied to direct the muscle response.

According to the CSM there are thought to be at least five other particles as elusive as the Higgs-Boson -

I think that for super symmetry to take place there must be at least six particles present - read the theory here

Basically if the Higgs-Boson can be manipulated to create an explosive reaction on the scale of a the Big Bang but on a more manageable scale that would yield a greater release of energy than a nuclear explosion without any radiation then such a propulsion system could propel a starship to maybe half the speed of light without endangering the ship and occupants.


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dryson, I don't understand your theory, but I think I've just been insulted!  Ha, ha!

Actually, I really do resemble your remarks!

But, what if--instead of an expansive explosion--we shrank spacetime, perhaps along the line of Kaluza-Kline (Klein?) theory?  In Viktor Schauberger's implosion technology, some people think that we could cool down and condense matter.  If so, could we then be able to somehow travel outside that shrinking space-fabric--perhaps riding a soliton wave--and reach speeds that seemed to be faster than light?

Forgive me, dyson, my friend, I just had to attempt the experiment!

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Yeah it was just a joke Miklamar, I would never challenge someone of such great military strategy.

How did the experiment go?

I understand your theory but when the word "Seem" is read it means to be traveling faster than the speed of light the idea falls completely into the bubble pile and is condensed into nothing.

Seeming means to be in appearance only and not actually taking place.

The question is what happens when you continue to compress matter causing it to cool down? You slow the ability of the compressed matter to generate energetic and reactive causalities.

The real question is this that when compressing matter to cool it down what happens when you compress matter until it becomes so cold that it actually begins to heat up? When matter is compressed together it is actually forcing particles out of the compression such as sqeezing the oxygen atom cule from an ice cube to make more room for the hyrdogen atom or vice versa. I think that somewhere along the process the compressed matter would create a frictive resistance because of the compression that would cause other energetic reactions to take place which is an interesting in and of itself.

After reading about the Higg's-Boson and how it causes others sub-atomic particles to change one has to wonder when the compression of matter becomes so great that the Higgs-Boson is then forced to cause the subatomic particles contained within the compressed matter to change into another particle thus possibly causing an explosive energetic reaction to occur.

I would call this effect The Big Bloompy.

A bullfrog with a light in its belly is nothing more than a glutton looking to shine otherwise.

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