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Scientists discover a new twist in light from the early universe


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Report this Oct. 19 2013, 12:22 pm

Researchers have discovered a subtle twist in the primeval light that formed shortly after the universe came into being. They hope it can reveal new secrets about the moments after the big bang.

This afterglow, called Cosmic Microwave Background, or CMB, was created out of hot ionized plasma some 13.7 billion years ago, when the universe was just 380,000 years old. A small fraction of this light is polarized,meaning the light waves vibrate in one plane.

Researchers had already detected this polarized light in one pattern, known as "electric" or E-mode polarization. But using the South Pole Telescope in Antarctica and the European Space Agency's Herschel space observatory, researchers for the first time detected polarized light from the cosmic microwave background in the "magnetic" or B-mode.

The observed B-mode pattern arose from gravitational lensing, in which light gets bent and deflected by massive cosmic objects such as galaxy clusters and lumps of mysterious dark matter, researchers said. But there is another way to produce B-modes: primordial gravitational waves produced during the earliest moments of the universe, when it was in its rapid "inflation" phase, mere trillionths of a second after the big bang.

(Einstein's theory of special relativity holds that no information or matter can travel faster than light through space, but this rule does not apply to inflation, which was an expansion of space itself.)

Einstein is partially correct that matter cannot travel faster than the speed of light through space, but such a theory is fundamentally flawed because prior to the Big Bang the Universe would have been devoid of any gravitational forces as gravity as we know it is produced from two sources that present at the beginning of the Big Bang and at the end of the Big Bang. Those two gravitational forces are Suns and Blackholes. In order for the speed of light to occur A sun must be present to emit light photons that travel at the speed of light while the gravitational forces of a blackhole aid in the creation of the speed of light by pulling on the light photon as it passes through space.

So without a sun present from which blackholes are born from the speed of light is not present.

But what velocity is possible because of the absence of both of these celestial bodies that would otherwise govern the speed of light scale from which Einstein based his theories on?

Since gravity is created by a sun and a blackhole is created from a sun as well and light photons come from a sun then such gravity would not have been present prior to the Big Bang occuring from which suns and blackholes were born from that would directly effect the velocity of the photon.

Understanding the speed of light is really nothing more than decoding a strand of DNA.

Think of the Universe without any Big Bangs taking place. Where is the gravity coming from that would otherwise limit the velocity that matter travels at? According to Einstein nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. But if the speed of a photon is created by a sun and governed by the sun and a blackhole that were both created after the Big Bang occured what is the velocity limiting factor prior to the Big Bang?


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The fastest form of material velocity is the speed of infinity of which space itself holds the record to because space occupies all points in space and time all of the time and any time. Since space itself is not a particle and cannot be effected upon by an energetic reaction nor can space create an energetic reaction the velocity of infinity is not governed by the energetic processes but the non-energetic processes of the particleless space.

Since space is not a particle yet it does exist and yet does not have any gravitational properties to it then within the realm of space any vehicle traveling through space would achieve a velocity of infinity in value along a vector from point A to point B. Since two infinite points can never be reached we can therefore presumptively assume that when point A is reached from point B at the speed of infinity then further points of infinity will remain before us.

So how fast would a light photon be able to travel in the realm of space? Since the gravity from a sun and blackhole define the speed of light because a light photon is born of the sun and can only be affected by a blackhole which is the inverse operation of a sun the velocity of the light photon may reach super luminal velocities because there is not a constant gravitational force pulling on it from all sides by the gravity being generated from suns and blackholes that it would pass by.

But within the realm of space where the Big Bang has not occured yet would the Universal Quantum compressed to such a density and containing an extreme amount of energy enough to create our Universe be traveling so fast that when it encounters another type Universal Force as yet defined that both fields of force would merge slowing the velocity of both Forces down to the point of the energy contained within both of them instantly causing a trillion times a trillion different combinations that then releases the stored energy contained within both Force Spheres?

Would such a Force Sphere be so small that it could simply slip by the Higgs-Boson "Twigs" that when the energetic reaction takes place the Higgs-Boson Twigs then adhere theirselves to each of the particles eminating from the collision of the Force Spheres where gravity is slowly being created?

But since space is non - energetic with an infinite number of Higgs-Boson Twigs being present are the Higgs Twigs the defining factor of what creates gravity prior to the Big Bang that would otherwise limit the velocity of the Force Spheres to a velocity slower than the speed of infinity?

If the Force Spheres were not effected by the Higgs Twigs then their velocity would be the speed of infinity and the energetic reactions that are neccessary to create a Big Bang would not occur.

What velocity are the Higgs Twigs traveling at? If the Higgs Twigs were the first particle in space where did they come from?





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