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The Kilingons In Star Trek-Into Darkness - The Reason On Why They Look Now Instead Of What We're Used Too.


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A friend of mine visited several Science themed blogs recemtly and told me that Far Right and Consevative Goups like Heritage Foundation and American Family Association as well as some religious groups had threaten Paramount and the producers of the Star Tek films to either change the appearence of the Klingons or they will launch a mass boycott of all Paramount media product.


The reason they are doing this is because of the popularity of the warrior race and they feel that the klingons are being sexualize and are also opposed to people learning the language.

According to my friend, memos were recemtly leaked about this.

Any thoughts or comment, please share. Hearing about this has me outraged.


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I'm all for criticizing the AFA and Hertitage Foundation when there is just cause to do so but I can't find anything that supports your friend's claims.


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