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Not the most original post I know. I have to confess I seem to be in the minority as a hard core Trekkie in that I do not in fact think that the Wrath of Khan is the best of the movies and I did actually love Into Darkness.  Additionally, I understand some of my choices are unconventional even controversial, but I am happy to defend my choices.

1. The Voyage Home: Clever sci fi premsie, excellent character moments and just great fun overall.

2.  Insurrection: Underrated in my view, BIG TIME.  Great dialogue/speeches, good historical allegory and fun character banta.  This movie conveys the best of Roddenberry's vision for humanity and like the best Trek episodes, presents an ethical dilemma for Picard and the crew.

3.  Undiscovered Country: Great political thriller/allegory; the perfect send off for the original crew.

4.  First Contact:  Just a great film from start to finish.

5.  Into Darkness:  A great tribute to the original series. IMO a clever story (despite some plot holes) about the nature of humanity and starfleet with Khan as a pawn this time.  Great film (minus Spock's KHAAAAAAAAN!!!)

6.  Search for Spock:  The dark middle chapter about the loyalty of the crew that cleverly flips the needs of the many over the few.  Shatner's finest moments are in this film. 

7. The Wrath of Khan:  Historically significant for saving the franchise, while it is more of an action film for my taste, it has some great moments.

8.  The Final Frontier:  Flawed - yes, but some of the best character moments between Kirk, Spock and McCoy are here.

9. The Motion Picutre:  Also historically significant with many firsts.  Good (if not recycled) sci-fi premise.  Solid beginning and ending, slow middle.

10.  Generations:  Some fun moments, but the Kirk-Picard scenes somehow feel as though they should have been much better.  Inconsistent uniforms really bother me.

11.  2009:  Ticks for rebooting the franchise and for managing to successfully recast our sacred characters.  Yes its fun, but it feels too much like Star Wars and a try hard 'movie for the masses.' 

12.  Nemesis:  There is a good film in here, but it just does not have the Trek soul it should have.


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1. Star Trek First Contact - I was a huge TNG film, great movie.

2. Star Trek TWOK - Great film, great villain.

3. Star Trek TUC - Great way to end the TOS franchise, loved the cold war allegory.

4. Star Trek TVH - Fun film, light, good plot.

5. Star Trek Generations - Alright movie, they drop off after #4.

6. Star Trek TSFS - Okay story, kind of a let down after TWOK.

7. Star Trek INS - Terrible story, the inhabitants of Baku came off as holier than thou racist idiots.

8. Star Trek TMP - Snore fest.

9. Star Trek TFF - Absolutely awful.

10. Star Trek ID - Read my earlier post in the ID thread as to why this movie is a piece of garbage.

11. Star trek 2009 - Just as bad as ID, with worse story.

12. Star Trek NEM - An absolute embarassing and pathetic way to send the crew off of TNG.

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1. FC

2. TVH

3. TFF

4. TMP

5. TUC

6. NEM

7. INS

8. GEN


10. TSFS

11. STID

12. ST09


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1. Insurrection

2. First Contact

3. Generations

4. Undiscovered Country

5. Nemesis

6. Final Frontier

7. Search For Spock

8. The Motion Picture

9. The Voyage Home

10. The Wrath of Kahn

11. Into Darkness

12. 2009


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Into Darkness

Star Trek


The Undiscovered Country

The Voyage Home

First Contact

The Wrath of Kahn

The Search for Spock



I have never seen The Motion Picture or Final Frontier.  


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1. The Wrath of Khan

2.  First Contact

3.  Undiscovered Country 

4.  Insurrection

5.  Reboot 

6.  Into Darkness

7.  The Search for Spock

8.  The Voyage Home

9. Nemesis

10.  The Final Frontier

11.  The Motion Picture

12.  Generations

That is all.... Empok Nor Station Manager


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1. The Wrath of Khan
2. The Undiscovered Country
3. First Contact
4. The Voyage Home
5. The Search for Spock
6. Star Trek '09
7. The Motion Picture
8. Into Darkness
9. Nemesis
10. Insurrection
11. Generations
12. The Final Frontier


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1.The Undiscovered Country - too much brilliance for words. My absolute favorite. Also loved seeing Kirk all scruffy, and in a few good action/fighting sequences. 

2. First contact - Time Travel, the Borg, Humor, action - love it

3. The search for Spock - two of my favorite scenes: the stealing of the Enterprise, and Kirk sacrificing the Enterprise to save Spock. 

4. Nemesis - good action movie. Unlike almost everyone else, I like it.

5. Star Trek - I thought it was a very well done reboot. And most of the actors did a really good job in their roles, most notable Quinto and Urban.

6. Generations - Kirk AND Picard!

7. The Motion Picture - not as bad as some think it is

8. The wrath of Khan - unlike everyone else, I DONT like this one all that much. Dont hate it, just wouldn't list it as a favorite

9. Into Darkness - too many WTF?? moments but still enjoyable

10. The Final Frontier - ok

11. Voyage Home - not too thrilled about the time travel in this movie, thugh I usually like time travel plots. Yesterday's Enterprise and Tomorrow is yesterday were much better time travel stories

12. Insurrection - I am not a fan of the space Amish. 


Basically, I would even watch the number 12 on that list any day over any other, non Star Trek movie...


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Report this Nov. 05 2013, 6:39 am

1. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

2. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

3. Star Trek: First Contact

4. Star Trek Into Darkness

5. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

6. Star Trek (2009)

7. Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

8. Star Trek: Nemesis

9. Star Trek: Generations

10. Star Trek: The Motion Picture

11. Star Trek: The Final Frontier

12. Star Trek: Insurrection


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Report this Nov. 15 2013, 10:04 pm

1, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

2. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

3. Star Trek VI: The Unsdiscovered Country

4. Star Trek: Generations

5. Star Trek: First Contact

6. Star Trek: Insurrection

7. Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

8. Star Trek: The Motion Picture

9. Star Trek: Nemesis

10: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

11. Star Trek (2009)

12. Star Trek: Into the Darkness


I am not a fan of the "new" Star Trek movies; the films are too heavy with music and special effects, the stories are seriously flawed, the photography is focused on gimmicks/angles and not helping, too many writers involved to get out their "version", lens flares are overly done (very annoying and add nothing to the films).  A horribly bad script can't be saved by adding more music and effects.  


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Report this Nov. 16 2013, 7:45 pm

1. The Wrath of Khan: A movie classic. Nails everything perfectly. High-stakes, huge emotion, and a good blend of thriller and sci-fi. Khan is a perfect mirror for Kirk. Literary and eloquent. Often imitated, never duplicated. 

2. The Search For Spock: HUGELY underrated. Fantastic story of friendship, sacrifice, and consequence. Shatner's best acting work in the series. Did a tremendous job expanding the Trek universe. 

3. The Motion Picture: great character development for Kirk and (particularly) Spock. One of the only films that goes to "seeking out new life." Superior visual effects and music soundtrack.

4. Star Trek 2009: Trek done for the 21st century. A return to the original and best characters. A blur of action, adventure, drama, and dazzling visuals. The new cast is outstanding. Could stand to "slow down" a bit, but perfect for what it was meant to be. 

5. Star Trek Into Darkness: See 2009. Geat action/adventure movie bringing back Trek's "allegory through sci fi" storytelling without the preaching of the TNG era. 

6. First Contact: the far-and-away best TNG film. Good action/adventure plot, wonderful drama and a dose of Trek history in this sequel to "Best of Both Worlds." The Enterprise-E is awesome  

7. The Final Frontier: anoJudy unfairly judged outing. Great adventure/discovery plot, lots of fantastic character moments and themes (false gods, going where no man has gone, friendship) that throw back to TOS make up for poorly placed humor and bad editing/SfX

8. The Undiscovered Country: A historical allegory and fine send-off of the original cast is fairly entertaining, but somewhat shadowed by bad pacing, limited budget and rushed production. 

9. Nemesis: a decent action/adventure plot with some good TNG themes of nature vs nurture and a fine performance by Stewart facing down his evil younger self. Ultimately flawed and unsatisfying as a final movie for TNG though. 

10. The Voyage Home: heartwarming and fun at its best, goofy and irrelevant in other spots. There's some good fun moments here, but the re-watch factor is very low here. 

11. Generations: this is largely a contrived, uneven mess that is saved by having a good Star Trek theme (mortality, false paradises, etc) and a movie-stealing performance by Shatner. 

12. Insurrection: Even more forgettable than an average 1-hour TNG episode. There's some good stuff here, but this is the weakest of the entire movie series. Mis-placed action scenes, bad villains, and groan-inducing humor scuttle what could have been a decent film. 





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1. Voyage Home: A lot of fun moments and I love story of them saving the whales.

2. Undiscovered Country: Watching this was like reading a great, suspenseful sci fi mystery. Solid and suspenseful plot all the way through.

3. Star Trek 2009: I was entralled by this story line showing how James Kirk comes into Starfleet and becomes a captain. I just cried my heart out when I saw his father die and hoped that somehow he'd still be alive. In the other timeline, we don't have a story of how Kirk and the others enter Starfleet so I felt this was a very original story. And that made me excited enough to start watching Star Trek again. Also many funny moments and I liked all of the new crew. I don't see how the re-casting of our longtime favorite characters could have been done any better.

4. Insurrection: I liked this movie very well and when it just happens to come on TV I will stop and watch it. I also have the DVD. Once again many funny moments and it was neat to see Troi and Riker fall in love again. And Data forges an endearing friendship with that village boy, Artim.  My favorite part though is when Geordi La Forge is standing on the bridge near that village and sees the sunrise for the very first time because he is no longer blind. I start shedding tears every time and I always make sure I see that part again.

5. Generations: This was the first Star Trek movie I saw in the theater. We went to a premiere matinee and the theeater was just packed. Again, many funny moments especially with Data. And I felt that William Shatner as Captain Kirk of the Enterprise did a wonderful job of handing the reigns of the Enterprise to Picard. I wished though that he didn't have to die. Each time I re-watch this one I vainly hope that somehow Kirk would have been saved. I still remember the gasp and the silence in the audiene when he dies. 

6. Nemesis: Here we see Riker and Troi marry. That was fun and Wesley visited for a tiny bit there. I wished he had been in more of the movies. And Worf got drunk from the Romulan ale. A lot of funny movments again! I thought this movie was like watching another sci fi mystery as at first they were finding all those mysterious android parts and then there was the mysterious Shinzon.And seeing the fearsome Romulans on the big screen for the first time was awesome I think Picard would have preferred to save Shinzon but in the end he had no choice but to kill him. Also more shock and more tears when Data dies to save the captain and the Enterprise.

7. Into Darkness: This movie is so action packed that at first I really didn't like it. It was so fast paced that I couldn't follow the story very well and the lens flares really got in the way. But I have watched it 4 times now and each time, I have understood the storyline better and that helped me to appreciate the movie and to enjoy it. And by the 4th time, I finally noticed the warp core!! Both Kirk and Scotty point it out but somehow I kept missing that part. All the actors did great in this and it is obvious they all worked hard to make it a great movie. And I teared when Kirk dies in this but also knew that somehow they'd save him since this is only their 2nd movie. When the movie ended with them traveling through space, I wanted to be on the ship with them; I didn't want the adventure of it to end. When I watched this in the theater everyone stayed until the very, very end watching all of the credits roll through.

8. Wrath of Khan: Khan is not my favorite villian  but this is a good movie whee that Genesis planet is created. Kirk reunites with Carol Marcus and learns he has a son, David. Khan is very revengeful destroying Carol Marcus' science ship. And Spock dies while saving the Enterprise. More tear!! And Scotty plays the bagpipes.

9. First Contact- This is not my favorite movie just because the Borg are in it. I never liked the Borg. But it is a solid story line with intense action scenes and humorous parts. It also historically significant to the tv series Enterprise.

10. Final Frontier: Very weak story line about finding "God". And when they did find "God" they learn that he is not "God". But this movie is chuck full of funny lines, a run in with the Klingons, and who can forget the camping scene with Kirk, Spock, and McCoy? That part was fun to see.

11. Search for Spock: This movie lacked action and seemed really drawn out. More tears because the Klingons killed Kirck's son, David and the Genesis planet crumbles apart. The fun part of this movie though, is seeing Kirk and the crew steal the Enterprise and escape from that space dock just in the nick of time.

12. The Motion Picture: The plot about V'ger just didn't grab me. And I always remember that distorted scene of them being pulled through that black hole. However, seeing the newly  modelled Enterprise was for me the highlight of it. It seemed to me that the Enterprise we remembered from the 1960's was not only seriously updated but also made much bigger with the capacity to hold a much larger crew. That story is historically significant for next 2 movies, I think just because the original ship was completely rebuilt.



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Star Trek: The Motion Picture: Last time Trek was pure Sci-fi. A brilliant response to 2001 A Space Odyssey

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan- Great villian/themes of morality/exploration of the human conditions/shocking ending

Star Trek Into Darkness: Summer Blockbuster/Morality play about not loosing touch with the better side of us and not to become the thing we hate/great buildup of friendship between two brothers.

Star Trek: First Contact: Epic/Great vision of the future/Enterprise E looked awesome

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country: Great play about the enemy not necessarily out there, but within us/Prejudice/General Chang was awesome.

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home: Mankind is the it. Plus a chance to see our 20th century barbarism through their eyes.

Star Trek 2009: Star Trek Reborn/Love the new interpretation/Love the new look of the future

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock: Its O.K/good allegorical references to the bible/shocking with the death of David

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier: Its O.K/Bad direction/nice allegory to televangelists/good character moments

Star Trek: Insurrection: Clunky/started off with a message and then lost it behind a revenge plot/ bad acting (frakes and Sirtis)/too many goofy moments

Star Trek: Generations: bad acting (brent spiner, levar burton, Gates Macfadden, Bill Shatner), slow and limpy plot/more of a overblown episode of TNG

Star Trek: Nemesis: Garbage/plot makes no sense particularly Shinzon's motives to wanting to destroy earth/ Bad acting (sirtis, frakes, hardy)/ Remans were cool


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Not necessarily a definitive 1 through 12 list, but how I feel at this time, I would say the the top 6 interchange all the time, while the bottom changes a little, but for the most part I would keep those where they are.

1. Star Trek IV The Voyage Home, "Hello Computer...Ah keyboard, how quaint", oh I love that scene. Most fun of all Star Trek's.

2. Star Trek VI The Undisovered Country, Just love the political drama, and ending.

3. Star Trek First Contact, Great action Star Trek and the best of TNG I think.

4/5. Star Trek/Star Trek Into Darkness, Love them both, great opening sequence in Star Trek, can't really say which I like better.

6. Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan, Good original crew action sci-fi, and bless the heart of the ending.

7. Star Trek III The Search for Spock, I love the stealing the enterprise scenes. 

8. Star Trek Generations, I really like the emotion Data, especially the bar scene and "oh sh!t bridge scene.

9. Star Trek The Final Frontier, love the campfire scene.

10. Star Trek Insurrection, I did like the Bacu philosophy and Data was great as usual.

11. Star Trek Nemesis, further viewings make it a little better, love the battle scene at end and of course the beginning is crazy.

12. Star Trek The Motion Picture, just boring for the most part, Star Trek is not 2001 A Space Odyssey, good story and all in TMP, but just didn't like the clothes and the whole feel of the movie, it's just depressing too much of the time.

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Report this Jan. 01 2014, 6:32 am


Here are mine:




1.  Undiscovered Country: Great movie. Great Trek moments.


2.  First Contact:  Wonderful movie. Exciting stuff here.


3.  Insurrection: Very underrated. It is what a Star Trek movie should be. It feels like a show and a real extension to the great tv series.


4. The Wrath of Khan:  Wow! Just wow!


5.  2009:  Fun movie.


6.  Generations:  Cool – not so much. It is okay for bringing the TNG cast to the big screen and finding a reason to bring in the E!


7.  Search for Spock:  Love how the crew sticks together. Very space opera.  


8. The Final Frontier:  Not sure what they were thinking here but okay (I guess).


9. The Voyage Home: I wanted less 1980s and more 23rd!


10.  Into Darkness:  Fun film but is trying to much to be something it isn’t or is. Not sure.


11. The Motion Picture:  Boring.


12.  Nemesis:  Huh? This is what you do with the last voyage of the TNG cast. Huh? Sure it is better than The Motion Picture but is so weak overall and and and


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