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Not everyone loves Pope Francis: Conservative Catholics voice concern over 'revolutionary' message


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Pope Francis' plain-spoken populism has won rave reviews, from people in the pews to the man in the Oval Office, but his pronouncements on everything from atheists to abortion have shaken some conservative and traditional Catholics.

Six months after he was installed on the Throne of St. Peter, the pontiff's comments in a series of interviews are being denounced in scattered corners as "reckless" or even "borderline heretical." One critic called him "the Joe Biden of our era."

Defense Fleet Inbound....launch all waves.

The only way for the Vatican to survive is to be revolutionary and discuss current topics to bring about a better understanding and a connection between faith and science lest the Vatican fall to be replaced by the Genesia Crux....which already stands high atop a temple in Vatican City...

Here is a theory of Creation that does not ask for any money....nor does it ask for a tax of your property nor does it ask for your first born....all that the theory asks for is too look up into the heavens above and ask questions that are locked in your mind and then while standing firm in the Armor of Genesia bring a new beginning about as humanity breaches the great unknown to spread the seed of humanity.

Do not let the trials and tribulations of the Devil keep the human race from seeding the Universe with its seed. Spreading the seed of Creation is why humans exist. Without humans spreading the seed of humanity through the Universe humans will only exist within the shell of Creation, never knowing anything new, yet covering up the old with that which is thought to be new but is merely a coating that the devil hath laid over the eyes of humanity. The Devil does not want humans to know Creation by seeding the Universe because the more that humans venture into the unknowns of space and colonize space and make new discoveries than that old spell that the ancient beast has spun around humanity will be undone allowing the full and magnificant glory of Creation to be seen in the full light of each human generation hereafter.

The Great Explorers of the past tried to draw the evil away from humanity as they set across the oceans that were unknown during those times. The Great Evil followed them and found them on the new lands that they discovered and brought with him great evils unto humanity.

But now in the year 2013 humanity and Earth have the chance to finally be rid of the Great Evil that once bound Creation to Earth where she escaped long ago with the Great Evil giving chase to her leaving behind his guardians here on Earth to make certain that humanity did not in pursuit of Creation to bring her support to end the Great Evil that is cast far across the Universe.

There are a great many planets out there in the Universe that are similar to Earth longing to leap into the unknown in search of her in search of Creation, but the Great Evil has bound them like it has bound Earth and humanity to be in a constant conflict with each other for dominance that is only of the self for the glory of the self so that only one king or queen would sit high atop a throne of gold while others labor chained to the furnace of the devil with the only hope for release being death.

The Great Explorers must rise from their tombs of slumber once again and take into the spirit humanity once again like they did before where they would build great ships that would travel to distant planets like the distant shores they once visited before.

But this time as the Great Evil pursues them the Great Evil will become lost in the wilderness of the depths of space and will become lost for all time releasing humanity from chains bound to the Devils furnace. And as humanity defies the Great Evil in all of our might we will win and when the Great Fleets of Humanity find the first sentient life forms in the unknowns it will be our duty and obligation to break the chains that the Great Evil has set about their ankles to the furnance.

The Genesian Theory - If we take all of the geometric shapes known to geometry and place then so that their perpendicular surfaces touch, we can see that any straight edged object such a square, triangle or rectangle cannot create time, but can be used as a frame of reference to contain an area of space to analyze. The only geometric shape that does not occupy all of space in the manner of being a straight edged object is the sphere. I drew two circles that were tangent to one another, then I noticed something wonderful happening, time in the shape of an hour glass began to appear at the exact center of  the two points of tangency. I then went even further and drew two more circles of the same diameter along the horizontal plane of tangency. I then shaded in the two non-tangent voids created by the four circles and found that the hour glass of time was complete. Or so I had thought, I then interjected my theory of what time is based not on general notion of specialty but on specifics of reality. Maybe this can be coined as specific relativity, any way let Websters do the coining, my theory on what time is is that time is the measurable distance an atom or atoms travel within a medium based upon the energetic properties of the atom or atoms contained within the medium and how the energetic properties of the atom or atoms exert a force against the medium while at the same time the energetic properties of the medium exerting a force back upon the atom or atom(s) within the same medium. In short time is a measurable distance that an energetic body travels based upon it's exertion of force upon another energetic body and how the two interactions create a distance of measurable travel between theirself.

Next I added a graviton into the circle and assumed that when two or more gravitons are equal in diameter as well as gravitational attraction that they would attract to each other. I then started adding in other gravitons of the same diameter as well as gravitational attraction and realized that when you have at least four graviton's that are tangent to one another they form a single unit of two dimensional time. I then added two more circles into the geomatrix construct and realized that when you have six tangent circles that represent gravitons that they form a non-tangent void in the center of their tangencies. Next came the fun part, I added that when six tangent spheres are attracted to one another and form a tangent geomatrix construct in space that they will compress the atoms within the non-tangent void. This means that any attempt by the atoms to escape while being compresses in the geomatrix construct is blocked on all tangent sides. Now comes the really fun part. The initial two circles that are tangent to each other at one point will have the greatest amount of compression at their tangency. This means that at their exact center of tangency is where the center of a galaxy would theoretically begin "Let there be light". This would only be possible if all six gravitons were attracted to one another at the exact same point of interest between their gravitational attraction in order to contain the atoms in a localized space. The center of  the geomatrix construct at the point of central tangency between the initial two circles would compress the atoms in space to the point of causing the atoms to occupy  the same space as one another thus causing an extreme amount of energetic release that would travel at faster then light speed velocities. As this energetic wave or released energy traveled out at faster then the speed of light, the atoms that were the closest to the central tangency point of creation but were outside of the central point of tangency or the point at which the gravitons became non-tangent would be forced outward away from the central point of creation.

This is the point at which a galaxy would be at it's most chaotic

Now since all of the gravitons are tangent at this point, the extreme release of energy at the central point of creation would force the atoms into the other non-central point's of creation, or the remaining fourteen points of tangency. As this energy begin to build mass inside of the non-tangent void due to the compression of the atoms in the void creating more gravitational energies, the six gravitons would begin to be repelled or pushed away because of the increase of mass being created in the non-tangent void. The newly created mass would exert more force on the gravitons then the gravitons would be able to exert on each other through their gravitational attraction and would begin to lose their ability to form the geomatrix construct. As the gravitons are forced farther apart they will pull some of the matter with them from the non-tangent void as a result of the release of energy occupying the space left behind by the graviton. Any matter that was not compressed into suns or other objects that would over time evolve into planets and other celestial objects would be what is called dark matter, or the the gravitational energy left behind during the initial creation that was pressed against the circumference of the six tangent gravitons.

Although this can be proven using basic engineering cirlce templates as well as three dimensional graphics programs, until the graviton has been proven it should only be considered a theoretical.

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