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Quick Fusion-Powered Trips to Mars No Fantasy, Scientists Say


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Report this Oct. 14 2013, 3:12 pm

Sending astronauts to Mars aboard a superfast spacecraft powered by nuclear fusion may seem like a sci-fi dream, but it's entirely attainable, scientists say.

The physics behind a fusion-driven rocket have been demonstrated in the laboratory, so such a device may well be propelling people on 90-day trips to the Red Planet in a matter of decades, according to a team of researchers working on the technology.

"This is a reality, basically," Anthony Pancotti, of the space-propulsion company MSNW, said Sept. 25 during a presentation with NASA's Future In-Space Operations working group. "Fusion occurs in the sun, and also in our labs."

I have been studying the various modules of the International Space Station for the past few years and have come up with the idea that if the same modules of the I.S.S. are used to build a Earth to Mars transport the ship design would really work because the modules of the ship are based off of the I.S.S. modules.

The only problem that I have been facing is the engine design where the project has been put on hold because it was not economically feasible to slap a large external fuel tank on it to carry the necessary fuel. But because Fusion Propulsion has been proven to be a reality in the lab then the design process of the Pilyhas-1 can be considered a front runner to the ships that NASA will be sending to Mars and beyond.

Here are a few conceptual design images of the Pilyhas-1.



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Thank you for this encouraging article about fusion energy, dryson.  I think cold fusion is a possibility.  If so, the necessary equipment might be lighter in weight, always a help in rockets.

If scientists could perfect and integrate a ramscoop, like Star Trek's Broussard collector, they could collect fuel as they go, not requiring fuel tanks (except small backup ones, perhaps).

Fuel for thought, heh?

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Report this Oct. 29 2013, 5:45 pm

I read somewhere that a Russian company is working on a nuclear powered ship that could make the trip to Mars in just over 30 days. I'll have to look for it.

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