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PLEASE remove the poll ASAP


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I didn't know, am halfway both TNG and DS9 and have just seen some of the biggest spoilers ever. Remove this poll immediately, it's doing harm


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We are sorry if we spoiled anything, but this is a Star Trek website, so you can't really expect them to not talk about certain things because it might spoil someone's viewings.

Most of the characters on the poll don't die in the series, or get brought back anyway, some way or another.

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Yeah I have to agree. It's not even a spoiler from Into Darkness or anything. Most of the this material has been available for over 10 years now. It can't really be considered much of a spoiler at this point. The majority of people who come here are the hardcore fans, and the hardcore fans have usually seen every episode and every movie and can probably quote it if need be. My apologies to any newbies though. But Star Trek is one of those shows where a spoiler somehow doesn't really take away from the impact of the show. (IMHO)


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Bart - I appreciate your frustration but I agree with Sora...  the vast majority of people on these boards have been watching Trek for probably longer than you've been on this planet.  Most of the material is at least 10 years old or more....  I would recommend you evaluate which threads you want to participate in from the titles and stay away from ones that look as if they would contain spoilers for you....  

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Much as I sympathise (it is frustrating...) you can't really place an infinite embargo on spoilers,

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