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Report this Oct. 11 2013, 2:31 pm

I was reading an article in the local newspaper, the Canton Repository, Nation and World Section, that by 2047 because of problems caused by big oil, natural gas and coal that the temperature of the entire world will be alot hotter than the temperatures are right now. When the temperatures of the world increase because of Global Warming the oceans temperatures will increase as well. When the oceans temperatures increase the Polar Ice Caps will melt which will then cause the ocean levels to rise pushing humans closer together than than they are already are that will cause conflict and wars to erupt over the limited resources.

Super storms similar to that seen in the movie 2012 will also increase that will further cause disasters around the world.

One solution is to not merely save 40,000 humans but to save as many lives as possible is to convert I.S.S. modules into Survival Pods that could withstand the first several hours of storm waters rushing over the land.

I couldn't find the axact article but here is another article that discusses warmer water temperatures that might be fun to swim in but present a real danger as brain eating amoeba's thrive in such warmer waters that once a person has been infected with a brain eating amoeba they are dead.

The article was located in the Nation and World section of the 10.10.2013 issue of the Canton Repository.


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