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New series sooner than we think!?

Admiral John

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I have already submitted a script outline for a third ST REBOOT movie that will essentially put the chronometers back to zero on each era of Trek (to allow each era to get back to its roots in new series of television shows or books or even movies though I am not in favor of movies anymore).

It's out of my hands now.

Mr. Abrams may need your encouragement (ad campaign) to get him into doing his contractual third movie and release the series to future ventures. Tell him his one-time limo driver sent you.



Star Trek is about going where no one has gone before. May the future scripts do likewise.


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I salute you, Admiral ...
and your efforts! Your
zeal for STAR TREK is
most impressive. I will
definitely give you that!


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Greetings and much love to you all


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Yes, they need to produce a series for between 2154 and 2161. It should be about the developments in the Coalition of Planets. Sharing of technology, cultural changes, members of other species on Earth ships and humans on other ships. Joint missions, eg: Andorians and Vulcans and Tellarites?  

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