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In Defence of Into Darkness

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Into Darkness is not only a great film, it is a great Trek film. I am a massive Trekkie, and like many, I embrace the rich intellectual and philosophical core integral to Roddenberry's vision. Unlike the 2009 reboot, STID feels more like a tribute to the essence of Trek. STID has been condemned for being a 'revenge/action story' that retooled or rehashed TWOK, however, it is interesting how TWOK itself was in essence a revenge/action story (I always preferred IV and VI myself).


Granted STID has its flaws, however, it seems to be overlooked that the premise of this film is not a revenge story, but an exploration of the question of what constitutes human nature. The core of the film deals with an existential dilemma facing starfleet, whether to become an 'extension of the military' or whether exploration and advancement embody its mandate. The genius of this film is the fact that this dilemma arises as a flow on effect of the temporal violations from the 2009 reboot, starfleet is not inherently militant (as some have claimed about JJ's depiction), it has been radicalised due to Nero's incursion. In this contaminated timeline, Khan is not the main villain seeking revenge on Kirk, he is a tool being used to pervert humanity's (and Starfleet's) destiny, hence the title: Into Darkness.


Much like Trek's best episodes (Mirror, Mirror, Yesterday's Enterprise) STID again touches on the human potential for savagery and violence. By the end of the film, Kirk and Spock not only now understand each other as peers (by flipping the death scene in TWOK) but starfleet is restored to its original mission to explore strange new worlds etc. The quality of Into Darkness as a trek film is that it not only provides the action and energy (sadly) yearned by modern audiences, but at its core, tackles the notions that define Trek.



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It's great to see so many STAR TREK fans
in SUPPORT of the reboot series of films.
Gene Roddenberry's framework for how the
STAR TREK universe works allows for exactly
this kind of approach. And it's just so good
to be able to know that "STAR TREK Lives."


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Overall ST Into Darkness is a great, great STAR TREK film. No doubt about it. It told a very solid and intense story. The action was very fast paced. All the actors on it were terrific. You could tell that they all worked hard on it along with all the behind scene crews.  And because of these last 2 reboot movies, many have renewed interest in Star Trek again. I know I do.  And new fans have come on board. Since seeing Into Darkness and Star Trek 2009, I have been brought back into Star Trek, hook, line, and sinker!! I've been watching my ST favorite episodes and watching others for the very first time.

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