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Trekosophy: the Star Trek Philosophy podcast needs YOU!


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Trekosophy is the Star Trek Philosophy Podcast. We meet weekly to discuss the moral, political, religious (including anti-religious) and philosophical concepts presented in Star Trek media. You can check out past episodes at

At the present time, we are currently facing a shortage of personnel! We are sorely in need of new cadets to boldly go where no philosophy students have gone before!
The qualifications for becoming a Trekosopher are simple and few. You must:
1. Have an interest in Star Trek, Philosophy or preferably both. A familiarity with either one together with a willingness to give learning about the other a try would suffice, so if you love Star Trek but don't know anything about philosophy, please don't let that stop you! If you love Star Trek then you probably know more about philosophy already than you realize! We all start out ignorant and as Trekosophers, we try very hard to maintain an atmosphere of civility and mutual respect.
2. Speak English well enough that people can understand what you're saying.
3. Be polite and reasonable while at the same time prepared to defend your ideas and challenge the ideas of others. We try to keep most episodes PG-rated, depending on the topic of course.
4. Have a decent Internet connection (you pretty much need a network cable, not just wifi) a microphone and headphones. Headphones are mandatory, not optional for technical reasons, although cheap ones suffice.
5. Be able to meet with us regularly on Skype Wednesdays at 6PM CST. (GMT-6) This could change anytime depending on how it works out for everyone, including new recruits.
6. Have a thick skin and a sense of humor. Trekosophy needs both like a starship needs dilithium/trilithium!
Types of participants I am especially looking for: (but not requiring)
1. Atheist/Agnostic Humanist types who agree with Gene Roddenberry's rationalist humanism to provide a counterbalance to Brandon and my C. S. Lewis inspired natural law ethics.
2. Women. We recently lost our only female contributor due to her being too busy! Her red shirt might also have had something to do with it....
If you think you would have what it takes to attempt an introductory philosophy course at Starfleet Academy then contact us to get started and be on our next episode! Email us at or comment below!

Trekosophy: the Star Trek Philosophy podcast. Boldly going where no philosophers have gone before

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