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How did Julian Bashir gentiic engeering friends get wrong came the Dominion war


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Basic put they they said Romulus going join the UFP side they also did know the Breen going join should been bonus add thing against the UFP. Bashir even Cardassion upprising still go lose the war.

Possible I came up one possible Section 31 side line was very reason that the Dominion lost.  It very possible Section 31 do lot more then saw screen which change the tide war entirely almost. They have secert fleet they did break rules ever fit there reason to do so.  So no reason think Section 31 starship cloak device possible phase cloak device. If those ship fire cloaked the Dominion  nightmare hands.  This my thoery

I be interest other possible thoeries.



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um...the episode statistical probabilities answered this was very clear that no matter how smart you are, you cannot acoount for all variables and accuartely predict the future....

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