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So our first introduction to Deltans was on ST:The Motion Picture. A pretty prominant cast member, which the main story revolved around.. and possibly the very first Borg queen (that is if Veger was the true origin of the Borg)


But forgive me if I'm wrong.. in all the various series and movies since.. have we seen another Deltan?

Has any of the numours books told a Deltan story?... Where are they?


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SEARCH for SPOCK had a Deltan on Excellsior,
pressing a few buttons, in the background ...

VOYAGE HOME had a couple in the Council Chambers.

And I recall Merriweather, on ENTERPRISE, talking
about Deltans on his first assignment, I believe.
But those were never shown.

So, yeah ... the Deltans never really went away.
But, it does bother me that, to accomodate actors,
they kind of modified the Official description of
Deltans as "sometimes having hair." For this reason,
I'm glad they were never really featured, again ...


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The Deltan crew member on ST:TMP was actually going to be a cast member in a new Star Trek series that never happened in favor of the first movie instead.

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