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Into Darkness


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How can they bring Khan back like they did? Wouldn't Kirk remember Khan when they encounter him in the original series?  Anyone understand my problem and can explain things?


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I guess you didn't see the first of the new films.

Its a new timeline/universe

Admiral John

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Star Treek REBOOT is not a prequel like Star Trek ENTERPRISE was.

A renegade Romulan (Nero) his ship and crew corrupted the timeline when they went back 150 years.



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The film has a lot of errors and illogical things about it; the Starship can't beam Spock up though a shuttle can, they can beam Uhura down to where Spock and Khan are fighting when they couldn't beam Spock up a few minutes before, the Dr. Carol Marcus accent is British and her strip scene was badly done, how Khan can operate an attack on a Starfleet office building with nobody even seeing the ship before it gets there, the repetitive and overly done lens flares (again), how Enterprise communications won't reach Starfleet though they can always reach Spock prime (Leonard Nimoy), and how Uhura is fresh out of the Academy yet she can suddenly speak perfect Klingon.  I am done with Star Trek if it involves JJ Abrams.  The film had the correct title, as many of the long time fans see Star Trek as going into darkness and may not come back to see any films as long as JJ Abrams is involved with them.  I know he only cares about seeing lens flares and lots of special effects, a real story line that makes sense is beyond him.

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