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Is Planet X Planet Vulcan?


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Planet X is a planet known only for its magnetic pull. It's invisible. My question is, due to its closeness to the sun, do you think this is the Planet Vulcan?

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i thought planet x was shown in TNG? - check it out its awesome


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Perhaps Planet X really isn't a planet after all. If it is as close to our Sun that you say it is then we would be able to see it with Hubble and other telescopes. But since its gravity can be measured but it cannot be seen then perhaps it is something else.

I would have to say that Planet X may be the exit location of a Black Hole. I like to think of Black Holes as being similar to tornadoes where the similar process can be seen by filling a bath tub full of water and then letting the water drain out to create the funnel

Althought the event horizon and the funnel itself would be very defined as the water or particles of the Universe were pulled into the gravity well the water would actually run along a direct path down the piping of the drain depending on where the greatest pulled first occured and the pressure from the water in the tub forced the run to occur.

Eventually though the pressure on the run would receede with the mass of the leading water droplets pulling water along with them until the force placed on them from the tub of water was less than the gravity pulling on it. After this point the water droplets merging together to form large and small droplets would emerge from the tail of the Black Hole to create new solar systems.

So possible since Planet X cannot be seen but it can be measured then what might be present is the exit point of a Black Hole that could have produced the Sol System by ejecting spent matter from an earlier time in the Universe.

One way to prove this theory is to plot each location of Planet X on a chart and then draw lines 360 degrees away from Planet X in all directions until its path aligns with a Blackhole. Once the connecting lines had been made each new plot of the location of Planet X would then checked for the alignment with a blackhole. If the gravitational fluctuations of Planet X match the fluctuations associated with a blackhole causing gravitation fluctuations then it could be a provable link that Planet X is the exit point for a blackhole, which may even be used as a sort of jump gate to send a probe into that could then be accelerated to faster velocities out of the Sol System.

Planet X could also be the gravitationl jump gate that aliens would use to travel to the Sol system to visit Earth.

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