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Most intelligent moment in Star Trek history.


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DS9 episode 'Waltz' (season 6).
The main dialogue in the scene starts at about 18 mins 50 secs into the episode (DVD version at least).

Benjamin Sisko: I think something's wrong with the com system.
Gul Dukat: Oh ?
Benjamin Sisko: It was beeping a second ago. It might need recalibrating.
Gul Dukat: I'll check. Everything's fine. The unit's still online.
Benjamin Sisko: If you open up the casing you'll be able to run a full diagnostic. Better safe than sorry.
Gul Dukat: You're right. Ah. Nothing to worry about, it's working fine.
HERE IT IS -> Benjamin Sisko: That's all I wanted to know.


Ideas / opinions for other notable scenes welcome !


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