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The Data Network

Richard Evans

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Social media websites are extremely popular today with more and more people signing up to them, sharing their stories, thoughts and photos. Connecting with like-minded people and businesses has become almost vital in today’s world. Staying in touch with friends and family who might be scattered all over the world and letting them know what you’ve been up to has become a part of daily life for a lot of people.

Having this in mind, Richard Evans had an idea to start a website where Star Trek fans across the globe can come together and share their Trekkie nerdiness and geekiness with people equally as passionate about Star Trek. And thus, The Data Network was born in May of 2013.

A cross between Facebook and Twitter, The Data Network combines the functionality of both of those social media platforms and it promises to be a place for all Star Trek fans who want to share their thoughts, stories and experiences in the Star Trek universe. Users can post their statuses, comment on statuses of others and interact with the rest of the community on the network. You can even start advertizing your business or fleet you are running or belong to.

It is important to say that, while completely functional, the website is still being developed further, with many other functions being added to it in the future. They are also open to donations in order to fund further website developments. You can also apply for a job!

Does this new social media website have the potential to become the “next big thing” for the Sci-Fi community? Definitely! If handled right! So to The Data Network -

May you live long and prosper!

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