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Star Trek cast autographs


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Report this Sep. 26 2013, 11:26 am

Not sure if this is a right place to ask the question, but I'll try it anyway .


I would love to get some pictures signed by Star Trek cast (obviously TOS is what I am most dreaming of, but virtually any series stars would be awesome... well maybe not Voyager... then again I did love Mr. Picardo's character... but back to the topic..). I know the best way is to simply go to a convention, but due to many reasons this isn't really an option for me at the moment.

Sooo what I wanted to ask is - are there any good online retailers where I could get some autographed pictures? I mean... I would really like to be sure that I am getting a real thing - true autograph is something personal, something I would treasure forever.

Could someone recommend me such place? Preferably a European site... but I'm not picky .

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