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I have been watching TOS episodes on the new "ME" network. That's Memorable Entertainment network.  Star Trek airs on Saturday nights. They are broadcasting the HD eipsodes with the wonderful new special effects.  HOWEVER, the episodes have been edited in a maner similar to the hacking they took in the 1970's, when I re-fell in love with ST. 


1. The Alterntive Factor - At the end Kirk is musing with Spock and originally said something like, "To have a madman at one's throat for enternity."  In the HD episode I viewed it was simply, "What of Lazerus, what of Lazerus?"

2. The City on The Edge of Forever - When McCoy arrives in old San Francisco he passes out after examining a homeless guy, in a rather manic manner. McCoy collapses and the homeless man searches Bones for valuables and finds a phaser 1. He fiddles with it and fires it on himself destroying both himself and the phaser.  Also, pointing to the fact that some people are not important enough to effect the timeline as is Edith Keeler.  Well, that scene is gone!

I emailed the company and they said they do not edit the eipsodes and they come that way from the distributor.
Does anyone know if the new HD blu ray have the original scenes AND the new special effects? I don't want to waste my money on the new stuff if they have messed with any character scenes... it is simply unholy to do so!



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I say that the company is lying to you. or misunderstood your question.

I just checked my Blu-Ray TOS and the two scenes you mention are in the episodes.

THe Blu-Ray sets have both the original and the remastered episodes.


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Or, they're buying them from the distributor already cut?

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