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Would either UFP or Klingon Empire able stand up Borg in Yesterday Enterpise timeline aim assimlated both sides


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Report this Sep. 24 2013, 1:24 pm

Some might argue Q was respoible for the Borg cause UFP all problem Best of Both world. I have disagree first why Borg attack Klingon Empire.  Why UFP USS Enterpise D thing triger Borg invasion in first place. Borg assimlate UFP ships and outpost and top that assimlated Romulus outpost before then.  Beside Borg every way know Q response UFP USS Enterpise D having contact Borg Cube Q who.

Answer Borg message from Borg from Star Terk Enterpise regeneration.

Also no reason assomue Borg came the same time. Borg without question came 3 or fewer months. So two side still be fighting.

What I think happen. Klingon Empire assimlated.

As far intercept espidoe Yesterday Enterpise the Klingon infect boi weapon. Which making do thing total crazy.

BOP attack USS Enterpise C while USS Enterpise D there. If the USS Enterpise C armed with type weapon USS Enterpise D was armed that been one less BOP. The Caption asking blow space dust.

Final show down three Klingon warship did cloak themselves decide try take on the USS Enterpise D and USS Enterpise C. Pratice the USS Enterpise D not trying defend the USS Enterpise C she blow three them space dust. The USS Enterpise D easily charged destory BOP out right just phaser then took on wieght few minute destory next one and destory last one. Reason USS Enterpise D take offesive move simple had protect USS Enterpise C.

Klingon trying show brave are trying fight Borg until homeworld get assimlated.

UFP is tough one hand USS Enterpise D alone might able stand up to Borg Cube by itself. All likehood UFP more power warship avaible must fleet likley near by Earth. On other hand How much UFP fleet left big important question to answer.

What do you guy think going happen Borg showup


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The Borg were very misused in STAR TREK.
This problem existed because, even in the
very beginning - when they were basically
just "cool" looking - they were too much
of a threat to be dealt with, directly.

So, later on, as writers gave them more
ways of assimulating people and all this,
they sort of started failing to live up to
their potential as the ultimate destroyer
of worlds ... and became just another enemy.

I liked it so much better when I didn't know
they had a Queen. When the Borg were a real
threat and not potential fantasy babes in
catsuits. Will STAR TREK never underplay
any of its villians? Especially expensive one?

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