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Scene needed?

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Created by: Keedoul


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Was the scene in the shuttle with Kirk(Cris Pine) and Carol(Alice Eve), nesisary for the movie to be good?


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Alice Eve - Carol Marcus - with athletic feminine build, even skin tone and well proportioned curves, is easy on the eyes. However this side plot with its visuals is somewhat disconnected from everything else that was happening. The meat of the scene, the conversation between her and Kirk and pertaining to the developing situation, could have transpired on the bridge or in any other public setting. It is as though the scene was thrown in for giggles. And it probably was.


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I thought the same thing. It was just put in there for giggles. There was absolutely no storyline with it to indicate why Carol needed to change clothes just then. And they were working on the job. There was no reason for her to suddenly undress in the middle of her workshift. And certainly not in the presence of the captain.  In real life she could have lost her job for that. I mean, I wouldn't be suddendly changing my clothes in the presence of my work supervisor. That scene made no sense what so ever. I am not saying they can't have some fun and some sort of budding romance  somewhere in the script but it still needs to make sense in the storyline.


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Wrath of Khan wasn't the kind of movie,
certainly, that was going to ask Kirstie Alley
to show alot of leg and a flash of a boob.

And STAR TREK 2009 was the kind
of movie that needed Kirk to practically
advertise that he "fixed" the Kobyashi Maru
Test ... with his smirky overconfidence.

So, yes! The Carol Marcus underwear scene
was needed! - THIS is the kind of movie
that, quite simply, calls for this kind of T&A.

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