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The new Klingon look


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When the deleted scene to 2009's "Star Trek" was released, I enjoyed seeing the new Klingon designs. Not only did it allow Abrams to bypass confusion about why Klingons of that era would look like humans with Genghis Khan beards and too much bronzer, but the helmets made a lot of sense. Since every Klingon forehead is individual, making your soldiers all wear the same one (possibly that of the Chancelor or Emperor in this timeline), would be a way to make your fighting force look like a unified front. After all, having an army which is a mix of augmented and pureblood Klingons could spell trouble. 


I am still on the fence about the make-up reveal we got in STID. I'm grateful they didn't change the Klingons too much and make them bug people, but this look is a pretty big departure from the design which has been in place since the 70s. What do you think?


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[spoiler alert]

Not too keen on the vessels as they were a bit too angular and ungainly, particularly for atmospheric vessels. It seemed as though one could accidentally mame oneself with a careless brush against their hull. It was interesting to note the extensions protruding left and right and swinging about the longitudinal axis of the ships as they landed, which seemed to give homage to Birds-of-Prey in Trek renditions past.Hope held out for large capital vessels to no avail. The anemic, virtually nonexistent military response of the Klingon Empire to the presence of two large, well armed Star Fleet vessels within stones throw of Kronos is bewildering.And The Klingon home world is now only seconds away from Earth at warp. Wow.

Loved the Klingons themselves. The intense hue of the eyes matched the intensity of character found in the species. The nature of Klingon society with its time honored cultural traditions, casts and heirarchical structures screams of tribal roots well represented in, "Into The Darkness," with the ceremonial scarrings and piercings revealed upon removal of the protective helmet. 

A helmet inexplicably absent in previous portrayals. It is adviseable to wear protective armament in a combat situation no matter how tough one may seem. Uniformity of those garments would have a psychological effect on the opponent as stated above. Without speculating about the measures taken to fit them to unique cranial structures, it would also save money to produce them all the same way.


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I happened to hate  the new klingon look. The canon look was better. First of all, why were they bald? First it was bald romulans, and now bald klingons? The scragly hair was much more fitting. The costumes looked more hirogen than klingon. The ships were ugly and angular, not the sleek bird-of-prey look we know and love. I didn't like it.

I don't get why Abrams had to change everything. Romulans, Klingons, and everything looked perfectly good in the normal timeline, (at least post-TOS) and now they need to change the look? How can one time change affect the way specieses look? It doesn't make sense. Is Abrams so insecure he has to change everything to remind people that it's his production? I'm afraid what He's do to Star Wars! Maybe now jedi will have long noses?


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I did not like the Klingon make-up
as featured in INTO the DARKNESS!!!

I did like the uniformed appearance
of the Klingons in THE MOTION PICTURE.
I thought that approach was correct.

Ever since, all Klingon heads have varied
so widely, that to a casual fan, this species
identification is confusing. But J.J.'s Klingons
should've just kept their helmets on, always.

Audiences lose patience, anymore, though ...
They want to see everything, full-on, right away.
Otherwise, like I said, I hated Abrams' redesign.


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oh god the new klingons were horrible! they were just Predator copies

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