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Astrobiologists Claim to Have Found Extraterrestrial Life Form in Earth’s Stratosphere


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Report this Sep. 23 2013, 4:00 pm

“Most people will assume that these biological particles must have just drifted up to the stratosphere from Earth, but it is generally accepted that a particle of the size found cannot be lifted from Earth to heights of, for example, 27 km. The only known exception is by a violent volcanic eruption, none of which occurred within three years of the sampling trip,” explained Prof Milton Wainwright from the University of Sheffield, who is a lead author of a paper reporting the discovery in the Journal of Cosmology (full paper).

“In the absence of a mechanism by which large particles like these can be transported to the stratosphere we can only conclude that the biological entities originated from space. Our conclusion then is that life is continually arriving to Earth from space, life is not restricted to this planet and it almost certainly did not originate here.”

“If life does continue to arrive from space then we have to completely change our view of biology and evolution. New textbooks will have to be written!”


Perhaps the new life form is a result of the last great volcanic eruption that spewed microbial life from deep within Earth into the stratosphere where it then had the elements necessary to evolve into the life form it is today or it could have arrived via the solar winds and is gestating within the stratosphere of Earth. Even better is that it could have come to Earth traveling from another solar system through the Sol Systems Solar Wind Tail and then found Earth and is gestating a new life form.

I already have the story in my mind that would make for a great SyFy Saturday better get the story to SyFy before I do...

It could be that at any moment that an advanced species emerges into our solar if they have found our Solar System Solar Wind Tail

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