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The Universe Connected is Connected to Each Other Like the Neural Highway of the Brain


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Report this Sep. 23 2013, 3:48 pm

After watching the episode TS-19 of the Walking Dead I Snipped the image of the MRI brain scan that can be seen at link below:

You will notice that from the image there are clusters of areas within the brain called synapses that neurons pass over to other synapse. Each of the synapse are connected together in an unbroken network. After reading the article about our Solar System having a tail it is obvious to see that when we overlay the neural network of the brain and solar system trail that both match up.

This would mean that String Theory is plausible because for the simple fact we are made of the Universe and the neural network pathways seen in the image would be a direct result of the Universe being ordered in the same manner.

This is awesome to think about because each cluster in the brain would represent a solar system where the strings between each cluster would represent the trail or tail that each solar system has that would then be connected to another solar system with energy possibly even that of dark energy passing through each solar system in much the same manner that neurons fire across the synapse.

Each Universe would also function in the same manner of being interconnected like the solar systems are that can be seen in the image below.

With that in mind since there are trillions of synapses in each human brain and there approxiamately six billion people on the planet not counting all of the animals and other species on Earth that have a neural network similar to the one seen in the image it is easy to see that there would in fact be hundreds of trillions of Universes in the Universe we call home. The great expanse between our Universe and the next Universe could be compared to the string like membrane that is present between each synapse.

Like I has said many times before, if we just look into our own minds we can see how the Universe is constructed because the smallest portion of the Universe and her knowledge is stored right there in our own brains. - Solar System tail that would relate to the above theory where the Sol System would be the synapse with the tail being the connector between the next solar system.



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