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Just watched DS9 FINALLY after avoiding it! This is what I thought:


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I am a long time Trek Fan. I was not old enough for the original series, but I watched the re-runs and loved them. Went on to TNG and absolutely loved TNG. The characters, the philosophical ideas addressed, the plot, just an amazing series. Later I found Enterprise and loved the series as well. 

I completely avoided Voyager and DS9 for years thinking:

Voyager: "Looks like an uninteresting old woman as a Captain, not interested"

DS9: "Its on a Space Station, Star Trek is about exploration how good can it be?!"

I got some more free time in my life recently and decided to check out DS9 and Voyager on netflix. All I have to say is what a fool I was all these years for thinking what I did, but at the same time glad I am experiencing it now as new and fresh to me. 

I finished Voyager and loved the series. The Captain really evolved over time and the cast and plot was great. Moving on to DS9 I have the same feelings! Just an amazing cast, plot, ideas, etc. DS9 might be my favorite of all the series!

Their characters just feel so vivid and alive. You get a ton of interesting side characters like Garak, General Martok, Weyoun, Gul Dukat, etc! Its like the Simpsons of Star Trek, the side characters are just as good as the main cast!

It really makes me hope for more Trek shows. The new movies are OK, but they lack the heart of Star Trek, exporation, philosophical decisions, and true character development. 

Just my thoughts I wanted to share!

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LOL!!!! Voyager rules and so does ODO!!!!!

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Some episodes of Star Trek have significantly negative themes and probably shouldn't be seen by everybody at certain times. I've found that in the past I needed a fair amount of patience to be able to commit myself to watching all episodes for a given series, but I would have to say that it was well worth it for the overall enlightening effects (morality, peace, hope, etc.) of the shows.



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I'm glad you liked it so much! In my opinion, it's the best made series. The whole plot of the series fit together (nearly) perfectly, and the characters were  the most interesting.


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I liked the Cardassians, after they overthrew the Central Command and began changing to a democracy.  Elim Garak has become one of my favorite characters.  His conversation with Quark at the end of the Dominion War is a classic!

And, of course, Quark is a real fan favorite, too!

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Oh yeah, DS9 and Voyager are definitely the best series of all! They are my top 2 for sure!

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