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The Doomsday Machine


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He relieved Decker on orders from Kirk who was on board another ship. Starfleet is quasi military. Did a prosecutor drop the ball?


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Perhaps. But Kirk orders Spock "on my personal authority as captain of the Enterprise" words to that effect.

Better question is: did Decker have the right to assume command? As in 'The Deadly Years,' a Command Officer, with no experience, takes over and damn near gets the ship killed.

Many things were done strictly for drama


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By the end of the episode, the best witness for the prosecution was dead.

I don't think Decker should have had the authority to take command.  Change of command is ordered through Starfleet Command.  Superior officers can't just charge in and take over; it would need to be an emergency in which all the senior officers were dead or disabled, not just the captain temporarily off the ship.


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