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USS Majestic Recruiting


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Diplomacy, Scandal, and Murphy’s Law

The Starfleet Diplomatic Corps is one of the most misunderstood departments in existence. It’s no wonder, then, that so few simulations effectively use what could be a valuable resource.


The USS Majestic, as a diplomatic courier, has been assigned to travel to diplomatic hot-spots and deal with what is found there. This fine vessel has been tasked with transporting and protecting civilian diplomatic teams and supporting their efforts in behalf of the Federation.


Captain Callum Greene and Commander Patricia Andal, the former Commanding and Executive officers of the USS Majestic were recently arrested on suspicion of criminal conspiracy and treason. All other senior staff have been suspended from duty pending investigation.


Emergency replacements for most of Majestic’s senior staff have been requested from Starfleet command. Newly assigned Commanding Officer, Commander Franklin Calloway Jr. and the remainder of the replacement staff is en-route to Casdac IV, where Majestic is in low orbit.


To top it all off, negotiation of new trade agreements between the Federation and Casdac IV have come to a complete standstill. The crew of Majestic must try to get things back on track while dealing with the fallout of the recent scandal.


We are currently recruiting for all positions. The USS Majestic is also seeking to fill some important and unique positions. We need:


Executive Officer

Department Heads

Civilian Diplomats

Starfleet Diplomatic Officers

Media Relations Officer

Translation Specialist

Event Planner


Janitorial Staff


The USS Majestic is a proud member of Obsidian Fleet.


Visit our online home, read through our Database, and if you feel that you can find a place with us, apply.

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