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Trekosophy: The Star Trek Philosophy Podcast


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Hello. I'm Ben McLean, philosophy student and regular contributor to Trekosophy: the Star Trek Philosopy podcast. We meet weekly on Skype to discuss the many connections between Star Trek and philosophy, especially as regards ethics. This is a plug pretty much, because I think there are alot of Trek fans out there who haven't heard of our show and would like to know about it.

It's basically what a philosophy course at Starfleet Academy would be like.

I personally believe that Deep Space Nine was one of the most philosophically deep programs ever on television, so the topics I tend to suggest and pursue are usually DS9 related. We don't always agree with the philosophies of the shows but take a (hopefully) fairminded and critical approach, really thinking through the issues and analyzing the moral decisions characters make. There has also been a fair amount of theology discussion involved as well: we have a great crew but we haven't ever been able to get a regular Roddenberry style humanist atheist contributor to balance it out.

You can download episodes for free at our web site

You can also Like us on Facebook or join our Facebook discussion group at

Instead of listening from the beginning, I strongly suggest that people browse our archives to find topics in the Star Trek universe that interest them.

Some of my personal favorite episodes we've done:

The Odo episode!

"In the Pale Moonlight"!

The Ethics of Time Travel!

The Ferengi & Ayn Rand!

"The Measure of a Man":

"The Garak Episode: Lies, damned lies and interstellar spies"!

Live long and prosper

Trekosophy: the Star Trek Philosophy podcast. Boldly going where no philosophers have gone before

Jeen Luck Pickerd

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Cool! I'll have to check it out

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