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Star Trek Themed Birthday Party


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I am having a bit of difficulty figuring out how to how put together a Star Trek themed bday party with little time and money. Any ideas on decoration, food, and beverage ideas? I know I will have to think outside the box but I don't want to reinvenwheel wheel. He is 32 and his bday is in mid November. 


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45 Star Trek Party Supplies --
32 Plates and Napkins with 12 Cupcake Rings


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i know a vendor that has star trek the movie, 2009, with cupcake toppers, plates, cups and napkins and a light up enterprise, but it might need a battery..saw them at con carolinas in june.  email her at  also, edible art in charlotte made my sister a great trek cake, but they are a little prices, but their cakes are mmmm!

another idea is have a cake made with a space design and put some action figures on it.  then just use space themed items, also go to birthday has trek and has wall stickers that peel on and off.  good luck!


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Lots of great ideas and cheep on the pocket book in Just do some exploring.

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Why not do the gargantuan stacked birthday cake that has sexy green skinned dancers burst out singing Happy Birthday?

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