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My thoughts on ST:ID


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I like ST:ID.... I really do! Well, I do like the first 3/4 of the movie, but I think it falls a bit flat once the crew find out Harrison is Khan. And the ending is especially ruined by the hokey rip-off of the Spock death scene in TWOK, the Spock "KHAAAAAAAN!" and the fact that they bring Jim Kirk back to life with some superblood... (of course this is just my opinion, but I would have preferred something more original)

The ending all seems a bit rushed as if JJ Abrams learned he would be directing Star Wars Episode 7 and decided to wrap things up very quickly on ST:ID.

ONe thing that did confuse me was the sequence where Enterprise is trying to out run Admiral Marcus's new dreadnought, only to be caught, fired upon and still manage to make it to their destination after only 57 seconds of warp speed... As far as I remember Qo'noS is roughly 90 light years from Earth. That's 8.51447556 × 10^14 kilometres... Even for Star Trek, that's a heck of a distance to cover in 57 seconds. 

Has an official answer been given as to why this happens? I know that in TNG episode Yesterday's Enterprise, the Enterprise C was thrown forward in time by a massive release of energy from multiple Romulan and Federation torpedos, and in the TOS episode The Naked Time, the controlled implosion of the warp engines caused Enterprise to travel backward in time... So perhaps the discharge of weapons during warp flight caused some sort of freak anomaly that caused the ships to jump forwards in time several days? It's the only solution (aside from bad directing) that I can think of.

All the above being said, I do like the movie. The ending and the weird science are, afterall, just minor issues. Personally I'd rank the movie alongside STIII:TSfS, which is another movie that I enjoy. Not really the best, but not the worst either.


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STAR TREK III: The Search for Spock
is my favorite of all the STAR TREKs!
"Not really the best," indeed ...


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