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Next Star Trek plot prediction


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My dad and I just finished watching Into Darkness (fantastic movie, IMO), and I've already begun speculating on what the next installment will be about.


After Kirk's battle with the Klingons on their homeworld, the Klingons feel threatened by the Federation, so they declare the war that Admiral Marcus had wanted. so the whole movie will be about Kirk and Spock and the crew of the Enterprise taking on a Klingon fleet....


But I'm not entirely sure...

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With a new Kor, Kang & Koloth that would prefer peace instead of war. 


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I'm up for a squabble Klingon Style.

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Based on the Into Darkness movie, it is logical that the Klingons are upset enoough to engage Kirk and crew in battle but I am hoping the new movie will include exploration of new space and possibly a brand new alien. After all, the Klingons have already been in a number of the orignal Star Trek movies. I don't think the new Star Trek crew should go down the same road as the orignal crew since they are living in an alternate reality. The new crew could encounter more problems with new aliens and/or unknown space phenomons. Also their Enterprise is noticeably more advanced than the orginal Enterprise so it is reasonable to believe that they could travel out much further and  faster than the original ship.

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