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Th Chemical Weapon Crisis in Syria - Flipping the Field on Putin


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Report this Sep. 13 2013, 10:09 am

Fire in Russia burns 37 mental patients alive - Flipping the playing field on Putin

Emergency authorities had recently sought to have the building condemned as unfit for use, a senior official said.

How can anyone take Putin seriously regarding Syria when Putin cannot even ensure that those with mental health disorders are taken care?

This recent tragedy once against shows that Putin does not have any interest in saving Russians but more effectively stowing them away in near to be condemned hospitals that burn down killing those inside.

Those burned alive suffered greatly because Putin and his Czarist mentality really do not care otherwise Putin would have made certain that the patients were moved to a better facility.

Hopefully John Kerry can spin this disaster into a meaningful punch at the U.N. regarding Russia taking control of Syria's chemical weapons.

Here's how I would spin it back on Putin.

"Vladamir Putin, since it is obvious that you have undermined the very well being of your fellow Russian citizens by not mandating that patients under a mental health care be moved to a facility that has not been deemed condemnable which not only shows a lack of general leadership from your point of view but an overall lack of those appointed under you to show any compassion towards the mentally ill by keeping them in a condemned facility that was prevalent to any type of disaster how can you expect the international community to be trustworthy in your attempts to remove and keep under lock and key the chemical weapons that are to be removed from Syria?'

If Putin responds with "That is an entirely different matter."

"No Vladamir Putin the matter at hand is whether or not the international community should allow and trust Russia to keep under lock and key the chemical weapons that will be removed from Syria. If Russia cannot even count on your leadership to ensure that mental health patients are not killed or burned alive because of your direct failure as a leader to ensure that the patients were moved it is with somewhat of a certainty that your approach to storing the chemical weapons taken from Syria would be performed with the same irresponsibility that you have demonstrated in dealing with the simple task of moving the patients to a better facility. An irresponsibility that the international community cannot tolerate with regards to Russia securing the chemical weapons from Syria for the simple matter of fact that your government has already shown itself to be unable to deal with human problems where the casual placement and disregard, such as you have shown with the mental health patients, of chemical weapons would not only pose a security threat to Russia by internal factors being able to access the chemical weapons but also the factor that terrorists would also try and access the chemical weapons to use in their Jihad's across the planet. It clear Vladamir Putin that your leadership is unable to handle the daunting task of safely securing chemical weapons in light of you and your governments inability to handle even the most mundane of tasks such as re-locating mental health patients to a facility that has not been condemned instead rather leaving them to burned alive because it was less expensive to transfer them to a new facility that would have cost you and your government more money to maintain, money that you did not want to spend resulting in the death of 37 Russian citizens."

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