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USS Deliverance


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Space, the new frontier. 100 years have passed since the destruction of Vulcan by Nero, a Romulan bent on vengeance who traveled back in time, attempting to exact his revenge. He altered the course of history in the Milky Way galaxy, setting up a scenario much different than the galaxy Nero came from. The Klingons, having been soundly defeated by Nero, have dwindled to nothing more than space pirates. They raid and loot merchant vessels, and will attempt to destroy any military vessels that they can find. Their cloaking technology makes them the perfect race for ambushes, and their warrior ways make them a fierce adversary. They no longer hold any substantial power in the Alpha and Beta quadrants. The Breen have filled in the power void left by the Klingons, and are the main foe of the Federation. They are secretive, and their ships match the size and power of the larger Federation ships. There is much to learn about this enigmatic race. The Cardassians retain control over Bajor. They discovered the wormhole, and allow commerce in and out of the Gamma Quadrant. Lately, however, they?ve been demanding sizeable chunks of latinum as payment to use the wormhole, leading to a stand off with the Federation and Romulans. The Dominion was defeated in the 2 year Romulan/Federation Gamma Quadrant war. Both sides incurred heavily losses, but the war only lasted for a few months within the Alpha quadrant. Fearing that the Dominion would attempt to rebuild, the Federation/Romulan alliance obliterated the Founders? homeworld, leaving noone living save Odo on Terrok Nor, and a few other founders who were sympathetic to the Alpha Quadrant species. Since this occurred, commerce has been thriving in the Gamma Quadrant, as hundreds of planets have been freed from Dominion Rule. The Romulans are long time Federation allies. They filled the void left by the destruction of Vulcan, and have filled many roles within the Federation. Their homeworld was recently destroyed by their star going supernova, but thanks to Spock (from the future) telling what happened, noone was left on Romulus or Remus, and they had already set up a new homeworld in an adjoining system. They retain most of their original characteristics, but are a steady friend to the Federation. They serve freely onboard Federation vessels, and work within the scientific community of the Federation. The Federation was altered drastically by the destruction of Vulcan and most of the Vulcan race. 100 years later, there area approximately 2 million Vulcans located on their colony. They contribute to the scientific community, but rarely serve onboard Starfleet ships or in the Federation government. This allowed the Federation to pursue a long and healthy relationship with the Romulan Empire (now called the Romulan Alliance). Because of this 80 year relationship, the Federation is slightly more militaristic. They may not always attempt to find the diplomatic solution, if it would require too much resources and effort. As such, they have invaded and control a few planets that attempted to engage them in war, most notably the Tholians. The USS Deliverance is a large Frigate, designed to patrol the Federation borders, and respond to any threat against private and merchant vessels in the area. It was commissioned 10 years ago, and is currently commanded by Captain Robert Falkla, a veteran of the Dominion Wars, and of the Breen Skirmishes. They are patrolling along the Cardassian border, protecting merchant ships from raiding Klingon Pirates, as well as being part of a show of force against the Cardassians. Also patrolling near them are a few Romulan cruisers, as well as a Federation Heavy Cruiser. These ships all make up task force bravo, commanded by Admiral Riker on his flagship, USS Kelvin-C, an Enterprise-class vessel that is larger than a Romulan Warbird. This is a chat based sim that meets on Wednesday nights at 8:30pm EST on AIM/AOL. We are looking for Medical, Science, Bridge Crew and Gamma Force members....... Contact or for more information!!

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