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USS Phoenix


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The Year is 2324. With the destruction of the USS Phoenix many years prior, her surviving crew being dispersed and reassigned; a relative peace had settled over the United Federation of Planets. With this peace came a boom in the population of member planets and the need for expansion. To find suitable worlds to sustain life for the various races of the Federation could take years of exploration in the farthest reaches of Federation held space. With this in mind the Federation has directed Star Fleet to build a new vessel. One whose primary mission is to locate habitable planets, transport colonists, and equipment for Terraforming. This vessel is The new and improved USS Phoenix, an Excelsior class Explorer Cruiser, hull number NX-70201-B. On Stardate 66048.5 the USS Phoenix and her crew will be launched amid much fanfare and hopes of expanding the colonized planets within federation boundaries. Captain Merlin, a seasoned officer has been entrusted to guide the ship and her crew safely through the perils of unexplored space, sometimes even those areas close to the edge of Federation boundaries. Secondary to that is his mission to protect those same boundaries from those who would disrupt the fragile peace. Amidst these two primary objectives of this new ship, Captain Merlin and the crew of the new USS Phoenix are charged with proving the new Transwarp drives that are installed in parallel to the standard Gen-V warp core. This along with the shake down of the USS Phoenix and its new flight frame should keep the crew hopping and the engineering teams busy. The USS Phoenix is a Message Board simulation hosted by FSF Merlin and a part of the Alpha Fleet. Please visit our website to get more information and join form: Currently we have a number of open positions: CSCI, CINT, ASSISTANTS, CADETS, Security, Engineering, Helm, even some Marines. If you have questions feel free to contact FSF Merlin at or on AIM FSF Merlin. USS Pheenix looks forward to you joining us.

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