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Starbase 35


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Report this Sep. 10 2013, 8:04 pm

In a far reaching corner of the Alpha Quadrant there sits a rundown Starbase, with old fashioned technology left over from the days when Captain Kirk was fighting the Klingons. Known as Starbase 35, the crew is a band of misfits, who have all been in some trouble or another, and have been sent to Starbase 35 in the hopes that Starfleet Command won’t have to make any more excuses for them. So if you’re looking for some rough and tumble action than STARBASE 35 is the place for YOU!

Led by FSF Myth, FSF Merlin & FSF Bastetovski, Starbase 35 is a haven for those who have been told that they aren’t good enough to serve in Starfleet, but haven’t been given the boot. Instead of being ashamed, the crew are quite proud of their image and they like to step up and say I AM good enough!! Join us on our run down out of place end of the line last chance station.

Star base 35 is a live-action member of FSF’s Alpha Fleet and plays every Saturdays at 6 pm EST. It uses FSF’s IRC network with the name #starbase35. For more information, please,"> or visit the sim’s website at
This sim currently has openings in all departments, and is looking for several simmers who are trying to find a place among the outcasts and troublemakers. If this sounds like something you’re interested in then JOIN Starbase 35 and set off for unconventional adventure TODAY!!

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